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WELCOME TO AEX Commercial Brokers

The AEX Commercial Brokers is a Dubai based commodity broker and consultancy company for all your purchasing of Crypto currencies and we are selling Cloudmining Agreement, our clients are buying hashrate, the return of these investments are 80% per year.

Mainly the core business of the AEX Commercial Brokers is the commodity trade, products like, Sugar IC45, Rice, Salt, Wheat Flour, Corn Flour, Sunflower Oil, Gasoil EN590, All metal products, PPE (Public Protection Equipment) & Buying and selling receivables. If you want to receive a quotion of these products, please send us an email.



Our company profile is that we only are able to work for parties in the World who are providing services and commodity trade deals for large corporate clients and sometimes for private large clients.

Clients who want's to come directly to our firm can be accepted if they signing our Anti-Money-Laundring Form, CIS  and the history of funds check.

      Our Industrial Projects

AEX Commercial Brokers is a leading company in managing Industrial projects, such as Electric, Water Management and many other projects. Contac our Industrial Project Manager Mr. Masoud Nowdin

Contact details;

Mr. Masoud Nowdin, email

Phone number +971 56 461 8119

      Insurance products; 

Product 1.

AEX Commercial Brokers offers you a 3 years payment plan (EUR. 50,= per month) and after 5 years (59 months) you will receive a monthly payment of EUR. 695,=, which can be used for the raising energy costs or pension plan or any other expenses. If you are doing the payment in once 36 x EUR. 50,=   =  EUR. 1.800,=, you will get a discount of EUR. 300,=. The monthly payment of EUR. 695,= is your whole life.

The minimum of partners in this project should be 20 participants otherwise the project can not be started.

Product 2.

AEX Commercial Brokers offers you a program of EUR. 200,= (only one payment), after 59 months you will receive a monthly payment of EUR. 295,=. Also for this program, we need to have 20 participants.

Tax Issues;

Whether you have to pay tax or not, we unfortunately cannot inform you about these issues, because it is depending in which country you are living.

      Company setup in Dubai & Visa Services

AEX Commercial Brokers is doing for International and National company setup in Dubai. We offer all kind of Business setup, like Off Shore Companies, Free Zone Companies, Mainland Professional License and LLC's. Also we have our own PRO men, who will help you with your Visa application and Visa renewal.


We will produce news regarding the World Wide Stock Markets on our site.

17, September 2019

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17, September 2021

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PO Box 15149, Al Nahda Street, Al Mozna Building, Office 324, Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Phone +971 4 8784 598   /  +971 52 262 9183